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Polar Sync was developed by a cyclist who wanted to synchronize training results from the Polar Personal Trainer Web Site with an android mobile phone. When I started developing this application, I quickly realized that there were already applications on the android market which would use my phone as a heart rate monitor and log my exercise results. These applications require an expensive purchase of a blue tooth heart rate monitor strap. I did not want to pay too much money to make this work. Also, I enjoy cycling, and do not have a way to mount my phone on my bike to see my heart rate and speed. Not to mention, android phones are expensive, so I do not want to risk damaging my phone on my bike!

My solution was to create a website which allows people to upload their training results for viewing on their android devices. If you are already a user of the Polar Personal Trainer Web Site, then integrating your information will be extremely fast and painless. Please see our FAQ page for information on how to get started. The application “Polar Sync” on the android market sells for $1.99, which is a fraction of the cost of the required equipment to turn your phone into a heart rate monitor. NO BLUE TOOTH HEART RATE STRAP is required for Polar Sync to integrate with your android device. Polar Sync can also email your training results easily from inside your android device! If you have a coach who wants to see you training results, then this is an easy way to share your information.

Here are a few of the key elements and features that we current support:

1. Average Speed

2. Maximum Speed

3. Duration

4. Exercise Date

5. Exercise Type

6. Heart Rate Average

7. Heart Rate Maximum

8. Average Cadence

9. Maximum Cadence

10. Above Zone Limit

11. In Zone Limit

12. Upper Zone Limit

13. Lower Zone Limit